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What games fit our Zodiac sign?

Find out here which games best match your Zodiac sign

Our zodiac signs have a great influence on our daily behavior. Our character traits become particularly apparent when we play games. Here there are people who are ambitious, while others do not attach so much importance to winning.

Those whose zodiac sign is more enthusiastic about thrills may like to spend their free time at the virtual roulette table on sites like Casino777 ruletas but for those who are rather interested in mathematics may be more enthusiastic about games of chance that can be influenced strategically. Those who like to play games and at the same time have a penchant for esotericism may wonder which game is best suited to their own zodiac sign. In the following, we will discuss the games that are particularly well suited to the respective zodiac sign.

What does Aries like to play?

When it comes to measuring their own strengths, Aries in particular are always at the forefront. This can be seen very clearly in well-known brawling games like Super Smash Bros. as well as in Ultimate or in fun racers like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. 

The Aries, who of course already know these games for a good reason, are recommended to simply try out the Heave Ho, where you have several options at once. Either you can shimmy your way to the finish together with friends, or you use them as a stepping stone, or you destroy them without mercy in Versus mode.

Another horned animal, the Taurus

Taurus also has horns, just like Aries. But the Taurus ticks completely differently, he is more interested in relaxing during a game. Among the zodiac signs, the Taurus is by far the coziest. For this reason, games like Animal Crossing, New Horizons or Stardew Valley are simply perfect for Taurus. However, a real recommendation for Taurus is also New Pokémon Snap or Cozy Grove.

Gemini rather like games with good storytelling

The zodiac sign Gemini is always said to be the sign with two faces. For this reason, Geminis also love stories with different facets. The games like Doki Doki Literature Club or Danganronpa especially offer many unexpected twists. If they are very sensitive twins, horror is of course less appropriate, for them and also for the young twins there is for example the highly recommended Life is Strange series.

The Cancer likes mystery

The zodiac sign Cancer is said to be particularly fond of mysterious things. What could be more suitable than solving curious murder cases in the role of a detective? Games like The Somnium Files and Disco Elysium are the ideal choice here. However, if you like it less bloody, twisty Ace Attorney Trilogy is perfect for you.

Fantasy is for the Leo

The Leo combines a whole range of different preferences. He is often looking for extraordinary fantasy stories and he often has the urge to conquer something and then proudly show it off. Monster prom games definitely satisfy all the needs that a Leo has. 

Here you get to know interesting characters and at the same time you flirt for all you're worth. If you favor a less romantic approach and prefer monsters, you should definitely check out Monster Hunter Rise. Here you can hunt monsters in a different way to get some fancy armor.

The romantic Virgo

Very well-known Virgo traits are logical thinking and a tendency towards hopeless romance. Games like Fire Emblem: Three Houses optimally serve this characteristic. Here, everything revolves around completing tactical, turn-based battles, and at the same time, building relationships with great characters. For those who like it less romantic, games like Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle or smaller puzzles like Untitled Goose Game are recommended.

The balanced Libra

Yes, the zodiac sign Libra also has special characteristics of course, first and foremost it is mostly about creating the right balance here. Games like Spiritfarer could therefore be just the right thing. Here, for example, you have to manage a boat on which deceased souls have to be taken care of at sea in order to escort them to their last stop. For Libras, however, games like Moonlighter and Two Point Hospital are also highly recommended.

The prickly Scorpio

The Scorpio is not afraid of anything or anyone, rather the other way around. That's why Scorpio loves the real adrenaline kicks of a good horror game. The darker the atmosphere, the better. Games like Little Nightmares 1 and 2 are almost a must here. But if that's not enough, you might want to take a close look at games like Detention. Of course, there are also suitable games for younger Scorpions, and Luigi's Mansion is recommended here.

The Sagittarius feels comfortable in action role-playing games

The zodiac sign Sagittarius is characterized by being very freedom-loving. This applies to interpersonal relationships as well as to spatial conditions. For this reason, a Sagittarius also feels most comfortable in the big wide world. He wants to travel and explore it. In games like The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild, and the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this is perfectly given.

The third horned sign of the zodiac, Capricorn

Yes, Capricorn doesn't always have it easy, because holders of this zodiac sign have to constantly prove to themselves that they've really got it. With these ambitious goals, games like Roguelikes are best suited for Capricorns. However, if you are a Capricorn and particularly like challenges, we recommend challenging games like Cuphead or Blasphemous.

Aquarius likes anything but mainstream

Without offending the Aquarians are of this world, but they already have partly peculiar characteristics. They simply swim against the current very often. That's why games that seem a bit strange on their part also fit here particularly well. Undertale and its spiritual successor Deltarune would be recommended here, for example. Weird humor and quirky characters reign here. Likewise, Katamari Damacy Reroll could be the perfect game.

Very emotional Pisces

Among all the signs of the zodiac, Pisces is by far the most sensitive and compassionate. Whether the game is tragic, educational, or simply stirring, any game with a lot of emotion is highly rated by the Pisces. That's why games like Haven, in which you experience the realistic relationship of the protagonists, including ups and downs, are brilliantly suited. But What Remains of Edith Finch is also sure to find a lot of appeal, because it's about mysterious deaths of a family that have to be investigated.