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Sports betting: luck or predictable success in the realm of astrology?

What is the relationship between sports betting and astrology? Discover it here!

Gambling has existed since time immemorial, although the individual passion for betting differs from one zodiac sign to the next. Some signs of the zodiac have the most fun playing for real money, others are more enchanted by strategies and the calculation of different odds. Placeable bets sweeten already exciting sporting events, which increases the entertainment value enormously for many zodiac signs.

The zodiac-dependent interest in gambling as well as in the various sports bets, is proven by the steadily increasing numbers of registered winners in online casinos and at reputable betting providers on the Internet. A visit at Bet777 shows the wide range of low-risk options currently available in this segment. Fun and thrills are equally always guaranteed with online games of chance, but the prospects of winning as much as possible excite the various star signs to different degrees.

Who doesn't wish to land the big score one day?

Both online casinos and the number of bookmakers on the Internet are currently experiencing a real boom. Regardless of the zodiac sign, the desire for thrills is always in the foreground for all players and bettors. Certainly, this desire is also fueled by the fact that you can play with system bets even with small stakes and rake in big profits. Above all the star sign Gemini will dream from the outset to land with online sport bets immediately the completely large coup. The down-to-earth Virgo, on the other hand, takes a more realistic approach, while Leo is primarily interested in the guaranteed fun factor when betting.

However, most zodiac signs and amateur bettors are well aware that the statistical probability of winning millions is about as high as being struck by lightning. However, this does not apply to professional sports bettors, because strictly speaking, it is much less a matter of pure luck in this regard, but rather a strategically plannable success - Scorpio-born people are particularly enthusiastic about this.

A close look at sports betting is worthwhile for all star signs

Sports betting and gambling can certainly have something in common, although they are completely different in principle. However, this depends not only on the sports bet, but mainly on how the characteristics of their own star signs affect a person betting. The all-important difference here is between the typical casual bettor and the betting strategist.

All bettors who place a bet only occasionally and quite spontaneously can basically be clearly assigned to the category of gambling. Bets are placed by these zodiac signs usually arbitrarily and from the belly. For them it is ostensibly about increasing the excitement and to cherish the hope that luck will be with them.

Many Cancers and Capricorns among professional sports bettors

Professional sports betting is clearly a completely different league of sports betting users. In the everyday life of the Crabs and Capricorns, everything revolves around being able to earn a living with sports betting. These bettors have nothing at all to do with classic gambling. In the long run, neither chance nor luck play a role here, as real strategists operate here. Scorpios also place their sports bets with the help of true mental performance, but tire more quickly once the profits fail to materialize.

Making a living from sports betting sounds absolutely tempting, of course, but you have to know that the field of those who can really be called real sports betting professionals is very, very small. The focus of this type of sports betting is always to compensate for the house advantage. Only in this way can you ultimately slip into the profit zone by a few percentage points.

If we look at betting on the classic number lottery in this context, we immediately see that the house advantage here is in the region of 50  %. That is, about half of the deposited amounts are paid out again. However, depending on the odds key, it is only 5 to 20 % for sports betting. This means that the player has to overcome significantly lower hurdles to end up on the winning side.

Skill and luck are favorable to Aquarius

When it comes to classifying sports betting, one always distinguishes between the social reality and the structure of sports betting itself. Sports betting of this type is definitely classified in the realm of skill and personal ability, which predestines this popular sport for Aquarians.

The odds are calculated by the bookmaker on future events, although their outcome is, of course, uncertain. At the same time, on the other hand, the player also calculates the probability, which gives pleasure to the clever Aquarius. It's all about finding a system that is best suited to make the appropriate forecast.

This is exactly where the different types of players clearly stand out according to their zodiacal sign. The fact that most bettors who place sports bets do so purely as a pastime and also to increase the excitement is clearly evident here. This type of betting is indeed based on pure luck and can thus be clearly assigned to gambling. An actual strategy does not exist here, but here you simply trust in luck.

Strategies significantly increase the chances of winning

The strategies in the field of sports betting are quite diverse. Which strategy is ultimately chosen depends mainly on one's preferences and personal expertise. Professional sports betting is based on personal knowledge, which is used to increase the probability of winning.

As for the beginners, regardless of any strategy, they are always advised to start with small stakes. At this point, it is especially recommended to take advantage of the bonuses offered. This way, different strategies can be tried out in peace. It is always crucial to take a close look at the turnover conditions of the corresponding bookmaker. Before it comes to the payout, it is usually necessary to use this bonus payment a few times again.

The strategies of successful zodiac signs in sports betting

The amount of possible strategies for sports betting is incredibly large and as dazzling as the characters of the different zodiac signs. However, each sport has its own peculiarities and rules. This ensures that there are very different and extremely appealing sports bets.

Betting on late goals

Betting on late goals is definitely one of the most lucrative bets. The focus here is always on games between favorites and underdogs in the corresponding league, goals often fall in the final phase. It has often been confirmed that it is precisely the underdog that shows weaknesses in this phase and becomes unfocused. According to statistics, goals are scored between the 75th and 90th minute in favor of the favorites.

Progressive tie bet

This bet is also a very popular soccer bet. Who bets here on a draw and is right, triples his bet. If you lose, bet again on a draw, because this way it is still possible to make a profit. If this bet also fails, you can repeat it again and if you are finally right, you will get your entire stake back. However, if you are wrong all three times, the bet will be increased the next time.