Laws of the universe

The 36 Spiritual Laws of the Universe

Read this list of Laws of Life, Laws of Higher Consciousness and Laws of Higher Frequency.

Success comes in many ways. Man tends to associate himself with material wealth, but he is only one of them. In fact, spiritual laws (also known as universal laws or laws of the Universe) tell us that success is only in one direction.

Material abundance, in all its expressions, makes the journey more pleasant, although true success also includes health, energy, love of life, harmony of relationships, freedom to create, emotional and psychological stability, well-being and peace of mind.

In the following post, we will analyze which are the 36 spiritual laws of the Universe, and how we can make use of them to have a fuller evolution, how to apply them and thus find our own balance.

The 36 Laws of the Universe

The 36 Spiritual Laws can be divided into three large groups:  Laws of life  (from the first one to number 16), the Laws of Higher Consciousness (from number 17 to number 25) and the Laws of Higher Frequency  (from 26 to 36). However, they are all closely connected.

Laws of Life

1. The Law of as Above, so Below

In spiritual laws, this one tells us that we live in a world in which everything is connected and everything repeats itself: we are a small universe, which is a replica of another one on a larger scale, a microcosm in a macrocosm. We are extensions of the same source.

2. The Law of as Within, so Without

Reality replicates itself, and our inner world will replicate itself in our life. What happens within us will have an effect on our environment, on what surrounds us. What happens on the outside first existed on the inside. The physical world and its laws are manifestations of the spiritual world.

3. The Law of Action

This law must be applied to manifest everything we want on Earth. We must move and participate in activities that align with our goals and dreams. Otherwise, they will remain what they are: dreams, pure fantasies. We ask, and the universe listens to us, but we must ask for that help.

4. The Law of Attraction

Without a doubt, the best-known law of all universal laws. It says that we attract things, people and circumstances in our lives by the force of our thoughts and call that which is equal to us. Negative energies attract negative experiences and positive energies attract positive experiences.

5. The Law of Resistance

This law teaches us that each individual will go through a series of challenges during their life and that they will be their worst obstacle. Tests that will reinforce their inner light, since we should not be obstinate, but accept each other, avoiding resistance.

6. The Law of Reflection

What happens to you, what is around you, is simply a reflection of yourself. If you change, that which surrounds you will also be transformed. Before changing what is outside, we must take some time and change what we have inside.

7. The Law of Projection

Even if we don't want to, we always project the best and the worst of ourselves. So, we have to assume that we are also part of the problems we have and that in general, it is the easiest thing to project.

8. The Law of Attachment

There are elements in our life that prevent us from growing and we must say goodbye to them, whether they are people, objects... even feelings. If we say goodbye to dependence we will be able to find happiness, because it is not linked to situations, people or matters.

9. The Law of Attention

We must focus our attention, according to the ninth law of the Universe, on which we truly desire: the universe will do its part to make you achieve it, so work your attention in the right direction.

10. The Law of Flow

In this life everything flows, nothing is static. If you allow yourself to flow with life you will get where you want. In the same way, your desires, feelings and emotions also have to flow, otherwise, they will stagnate and rot.

11. The Law of Abundance

The effects of our actions are often gifts, money, friends, inheritances and blessings. The good that we do eventually returns to us in different ways with the same energy that has been given to us. Accede to abundance coming to you, without guilt.

12. The Law of Clarity

Universal laws invite you to be clear because if there is opacity in your desires the universe will hinder you to achieve it. You have to be concise because that way, the goals are achieved more quickly and easily.

13. The Law of Intention

Beyond cravings and desires, intention is what counts in universal laws. If your intention is clear and concrete, the universe will examine it and assume it faster.

14. The Law of Prosperity

Be clear about one thing: you are a prosperous being, but if you feel more barren than productive it will be because of the mental focus you are projecting. Act in your daily life as a prosperous individual  and you will defeat fear, apathy and passivity.

15. The Law of Manifestation

As a spiritual being, we must manifest our thoughts and desires to the universe, for with them we create our reality. By manifesting your will you can consciously influence your life.

16. The Law of Success

Success is often associated with material goods, but this is not success. Success is the total and sincere belief in yourself, the confidence placed in your own actions will determine the success in achieving them. Success in your life is proportional to the trust you place in yourself to achieve it. Successful living will depend solely on the blind faith placed in you.

Universal Laws
The 36 Spiritual Laws of the Universe.

Laws of Higher Consciousness

17. The Law of Balance and Polarity

This universal law establishes that everything has a principle and its opposite, (masculine and feminine, logic and intuition, hardness and sensitivity). These principles must be balanced so that we do not move away from the centre, because then life wouldn't be compensated.

18. The Law of Karma

This law of the Universe specifies that nothing happens by chance or outside the universal laws. Each action is accompanied by a reaction or consequence. In other words, we reap what we sow.

19. The Law of Reincarnation

We were taught at school that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is only transformed, and this same principle can be extrapolated to universal and spiritual laws. We will incarnate again until we become our own teachers. Reincarnation is subject to experimentation and spiritual growth.

20. The Law of Responsibility

We have to be responsible for ourselves, as well as assume what we are masters of. The universe gives us responsibilities that we must not dodge because, in addition, we will find knowledge and authentic growth in them.

21. The Law of Detachment

Make your own decisions in life and apply your intuition to them. Thus say the universal laws, because your intuition never deceives you. In order for the law of detachment to be effective, you must move away from groups that castrate you with fanatical, sexist, racist or homophobic messages, among others.

22. The Law of Affirmation

Do you know what you want to become, what your goals are? Well, state them incessantly, without room for error, and only then will you become what you want.

23. The Law of Prayer

It is said that faith moves mountains, and if you ask the universe with faith in the right way you will be granted what you want. In a way, every thought is a form of prayer.  According to universal laws, the universe will always hear your prayers.

24. The Law of Meditation

While in prayer we speak unidirectionally to God, in meditation you will listen to yourself. Meditate and reflect on your decisions and actions and you will gain the wisdom you need to evolve and grow.

25. The Law of Choices

Although we face challenges, we are decision-makers at all times and creators of our reality. Free will will always be among the choices of our thoughts, actions and words.

Laws of Higher Frequency

26. The Law of Frequency and Vibration

According to the laws of the Universe, everything in the universe moves, vibrates and travels on the path or in circular patterns. From these patterns, you can measure the frequency of your energy. Every sound, every thought, every image has its own frequency. Just as we can calculate and measure the waves emitted by the sun, we can measure the frequency of thoughts, desires and emotions.

27. The Laws of Miracles

Who has not thought that something was a miracle, a fact that cannot be explained through science and reasoning? Miracles are just a sign that we are doing things right, that our personal growth is right. It is, after all, a way in which the laws of the universe and spiritual laws urge us to move forward, with faith, with love, and knowing how to forgive with the heart.

28. The Laws of Healing

We can heal our body and our soul. Many negative thoughts, or feelings, cause us discomfort in the body, even diseases, and if we can channel that energy we will get healed.

29. The Law of Purification

Linked to the above, the essence of the human being is pure (according to spiritual laws) and bad feelings overshadow that purification. We must be active to purify our mind, our body, our environment, everything! In addition, we must dodge negative currents and remove anger from our surroundings.

30. The Law of Perspective

Our point of view, according to universal laws, will be according to our surroundings. Thus, we must learn that nothing is really good or bad, neither beautiful nor horrible since everything depends on perspective. Depending on the perspective, this is how we will classify reality.

31. The Law of Gratitude

Spiritual laws urge us to be thankful. In this way, the energy we receive will stay with us, attracting success and abundance.

32. The Law of Blessings

Since immemorial time man has given his blessing to others, especially when they needed to assert themselves in some circumstance. Give your blessing to those who need positive energy, offer your hand as a symbol of support, show that person that you have them in your most positive thoughts.

33. The Law of Decree

We are masters of our silences and slaves of our words. The word, the verb, has great power, and we must be careful what we wish for because the universe will do everything possible to bring this to us.

34. The Law of Faith

Without entering the religious realm, faith is a connection to the Universe, which lets us know that something is true without having solid and tangible proof. Faith is one of the most basic ingredients of any success, so we must have faith in what we do, in others and also in ourselves.

35. The Law of Grace

Grace also often has religious connotations, but in universal laws, it is only an indication of spiritual evolution. It is a sign that you have grown, that you are a master of knowledge thanks to your actions and thoughts.

36. The Law of One

Everything in this world is one, unity. We are all unique and similar, and we are connected beyond appearances. To apply spiritual laws we must understand that our origin is the same.