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Pisces And Studies: The 5 Best Degrees For This Zodiac Sign

Find out which degrees are better suited for Pisces.

Pisces is considered one of the most sensitive signs of the whole horoscope, perhaps due to their marked empathy and compassion. This article will analyze Pisces’ studies and what are the best degrees for this zodiac sign, taking into account the description given by astrology about those born between February 19 and March 20.

Pisces and studies

When it comes to studies as well as to other aspects of their life, every now and then, Pisces have their head in the clouds and forget the necessary books or materials for school. They are likely to lose their homework on the way to school or suffer a series of mishaps that prevent them from presenting their homework properly and on time.

Astrology points out a strong link between artistic subjects, musicals, poetry and dissertations and Pisces’ studies. In general, they prefer subjects that allow them to develop their full potential and imagination, although this is not the only field in which they can get along.

When it comes to tests and exams, they have a kind of sixth sense.  So, Pisces’ studies are often related to joy, since they study exactly the subjects for the exams, or how to address certain problems.

Pisces’ gift and psychology studies make them a very popular zodiac sign among both teachers and students. However, once they have grown up, they may not remember what they studied at school, no matter how good students they were.

The 5 best degrees for Pisces

Pisces is a very flexible zodiac sign, and their personality has a significant dreaming side. Their attitude is sometimes more passive than activewhen choosing a degree, and they are very good at artistic subjects or professions linked to the sea or to performance art. 

Dramatic Arts

As it has already been highlighted, the last of the zodiac signs is very creative. Therefore, when it comes to degrees for Pisces, there stand out those that allow them to develop this side of their personality, such as, dramatic arts.

Pisces can be happy with a profession that is related to music, entertainment or fantasy. They will enjoy putting themselves in the shoes of different characters and they will easily give their best.

Within the field of dramatic arts, each Pisces will have to discover his or her true vocation (if the labour market allows it, of course). They can be mimes, clowns, stand up comedians, dramatic actors, comedians, musical actors, etc.

Marine Sciences

It is clear that, due to their zodiac name, among the degrees for Pisces, there must be some linked to water, in this case, to the sea. The Marine Sciences degree may not be one of the best known at this time, but it has many professional opportunities.

Therefore, it includes, among other aspects, the planning and management of the marine and coastal environment (analyzing water quality and pollution), the analysis of marine resources (marine flora and fauna census, projects for the protection and recovery of species), oceanography (underwater exploration), as well as teaching or administration (for example, advising institutions or governments).

Veterinary Medicine and Surgery

Pisces have great sympathy, which can make them show their most natural instinct through veterinary medicine. Their compassion is perfect for jobs linked to animal health (although they also enjoy helping children, the elderly, etc.).

They know to connect very well with pets; they can comfort them, pay attention to them and become a loving figure with whom they feel completely safe.

Undoubtedly, Pisces are endowed with a dreamy and delicate personality, with such patience and creativity that can be channelled through veterinary sciences.


The natural gift of this zodiac sign for psychology has already been highlighted, so this subject could not be left out from the list of degrees for Pisces.

Once they have finished their studies, they have a profession that will allow them to be somewhat free, by being able to organize appointments with patients according to their own schedule. Their sixth sense, also described before, will be useful because it will make them understand what others do not see.


As it was already mentioned, Pisces tend to have their head in the clouds, so they are also good at astronomy. In fact, there are famous astronomers, such as Nicolaus Copernicus or Galileo Galilei, who were born under this zodiac sign. Speaking of stars, it should also be noted that the famous astronaut Yuri Gagarin was a Pisces.