A mysterious house in the middle of the countryside

How to Tell If My Home Is Haunted: 5 Unmistakable Signs

If any of these things happen in your home... you might suspect it's haunted.

Many people claim that strange phenomena take place in their home, events which escape human logic. How do you know if your house is haunted? It is not easy to answer this, especially because there is no closed definition of what exactly a haunted house is. However, in this report, we will delve into the signs that you can detect around you to know if there are signs of enchantment or not.

5 signs that are characteristic of a haunted house

The stories of haunted houses are taken lightly by many, who consider them to be nothing more than fairy tales (or witches). However,  there are many disturbing cases of haunted houses from all over the world,   some of them very famous, from Amityville to Linares Palace. In addition, there are numerous irrefutable testimonies that can attest to the truthfulness of the facts, which are sometimes produced by ghosts of people who died, in others, entities that have never been alive or dead, and in some cases, evil presences like demons.

How can I tell if my house is haunted? If any of the situations mentioned below happens in your home, you might suspect it is,  although it should be noted that for some experts, we can only begin to talk about haunted houses when the phenomena give off some violence.

1. Objects that give off bad vibrations

The presences of the afterlife sometimes fixate on certain objects and cling to them, perhaps because in life they belonged to them, or because they had a special meaning of any kind. A good solution to keep bad vibrations away from you is  to have a deep clean in which you sell, donate or give away any object that may be susceptible to having a story like this behind it: figures that you inherited, items that you bought in a flea market and that have been linked to unusual events...

2. The appearance of unexplained marks

This would include  everything from scratches on walls or furniture to assaults  on people if the entity is aggressive. Then we could talk about bites, slaps...

3. Objects that move on their own

It is one of the most common types of poltergeist. It is said that ghosts and spirits sometimes have fun freaking out the living. We can talk about objects that disappear, that change places alone, that levitate or that are dragged or pushed  (a chair that moves, a door that closes without air current...).

4. Unexplained noises

And don't have an easy source to identify. Knocks on doors and walls, steps, screams, whistles, voices, noise of furniture or other heavy objects as if they were dragged... Sometimes, this type of phenomenon is only detected in a specific area of the house, and they may not be perceived from the outside.

5. Other indications

-Pyrokinesis   (objects that burn for no apparent reason).

-Interference on phones, radios and other signals.

-Electric phenomena  (lights that turn on or off on their own, TVs that turn off on their own or change channels, mobiles that stop working...).

-Automatic writing messages  (notices on walls or glass...).

-Temperature changes.

-Animals that react aggressively  without explanation or plants that wither.

How can I check if my house is haunted?

The first thing you need to do is seek a rational explanation of all the phenomena exposed,  ask for help and try to show that there is no haunt of any kind. Family and friends can give you an external perspective of the situations you've seen or heard.

It is useful  to keep a diary in which you write down the date and time of everything that makes you think that your house is haunted,  leaving a record that can be consulted at any time. It will be useful to researchers in paranormal matters.

You can also conduct a historical investigation of your home,  find out who lived there before, if in the past it was the scene of a tragedy. You can ask previous tenants of the house if they noticed anything strange, inexplicable, or unusual while living there.

Finally, find a paranormal specialist to visit your home and give you their opinion on the situation, if you see that something is wrong. If the specialist thinks your home is haunted, consider their advice.

How to clean a haunted house?

To clean a haunted house you can use different methods:

-Prayers  or energy purifying mantras can be performed.

-Purify the house with holy water or locate protective amulets.

-Clean the house with visualization,  asking your spiritual guides to accompany the entities that are aimlessly wandering around your home.

-Burning magical plants: incense, palosanto, sage, drago blood, rosemary...