Chinese Zodiac Signs

Chinese Zodiac Signs: Personality

Discover your personality according to the Chinese Zodiac.

Rat Chinese Zodiac

The community born in rat years possesses unusual individuality and behavior that make them irreplaceable and stand out from the swarm, for instance, it’s easy for them to make friends, they are stylish, knowledgeable, good-looking, humorous, charismatic, etc.

People born in rat years are vigorous. They have unique ideas most of the time because they possess intellectual abilities. Rat people possess carefulness & skillful awareness so they can see opportunities where anyone else can. They are passionate both in their work and love life.

Ox Chinese Zodiac

Oxen tend to be open-minded and dependable through their life. They love to achieve a technique to work and acquire pleasure by doing it. The oxen demonstrate audacity while deciding to complete an aim or task. People born under the Ox sign seem to bear duties carefully. The best matches for them are Snake, Rat, and Rooster. 

They are strong and determined. When something goes wrong they fight for their wellbeing. Sometimes, they may seem arrogant as they defend their interest tooth and nail. In love, they are faithful and affectionate.

Tiger Chinese Zodiac

The tiger is brilliant, charming in a fight, shows courage and unending daring. Those born in the year of the tiger tend to be extra aggressive and like to take challenges and hazard. Tigers are fast learners and confident people so they are accepted leaders and have a sense of self-respect. They occasionally get disheartened when their efforts go in vain. They have some extraordinary uniqueness such as heroism, passion, responsiveness, hopefulness, vanity, elasticity, and competitiveness.

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac

Those born in the year of the Rabbit are affectionate and sensitive. They hate getting in any kind of conflict and they just live and let live. If they get into conflict, they solve it with peace and with reason. In love, they are romantic and understanding. Don’t let them get over the top though, or it could be too much for your relationship. 

In work matters, this sign is highly diplomatic, but also very good at convincing people with their rhetoric; they make good salespeople. And, finally, they like to be in good physical shape, so they look after their diet and health. 

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dragon are very energetic and charismatic. They fight for their dreams in a fearless and very confident way. At work, they do whatever it takes to be leaders and stay on top; this can even make them a bit selfish sometimes. 

When a Dragon loves someone, they love with all their heart. Although, it is difficult for them to fall in love or to commit to someone because they have to be completely sure about what is going on between the two of them. They feel people have to deserve their love.

Snake Chinese Zodiac

In love matters, Snakes are known to be jealous. They are passionate when they are in a relationship but careful, they can also be evil and vengeful.

Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Snake tend to need some time alone, so this makes them not very sociable people. They also like to work in solitude. With their great effort and hard-working personality, they tend to achieve success. They are very intelligent people and this leads them to always getting where they want to.

Horse Chinese Zodiac

The Horse’s keyword is energy. They always seek adventure on their own, so we could say that horses are very independent and a free spirit. In adventure they find happiness, and that is what matters the most for them.

The Horse is a very passionate animal, but this also means that when they are angry they become furious. Also, they tend not to see their flaws and therefore they do not admit what they do wrong.

Goat Chinese Zodiac

Goats are dreamy. They like being alone and they are a bit introverted. People may tend to think that they are weirdos because of their shy and reserved nature. However, they do no harm to anyone trying to live their dreams and hopes on their own.

If there is something that can define them, it is nobility. They are capable of having true and real friendships and they always think of others before thinking of themselves, and that is in part thanks to their tolerance.

Monkey Chinese Zodiac

Monkeys are intelligent, wise, active and very agile and they always gain recognition for what they do. This leads them to be very popular among people, as they are also kind and open. Moreover, they love to help those in need and being with them means spending nice times of laughter.

They are usually a bit childlike and capricious, becoming nervous whenever they don’t have what they desire. This also makes them become a bit arrogant and can lead them to hurt people with their words. However, they love to learn how to become better and learn from their mistakes.

Rooster Chinese Zodiac

If there is a word to describe the Rooster, it is meticulous. They always plan everything very carefully and precisely and are very serious in everything they do. That leads them to be a bit obsessive sometimes: they never give up.

For Roosters, the most important thing in life is family. They love being surrounded by their loved ones, for their support is very important for them. Roosters are extremely intelligent and skillful, and they can be a bit arrogant sometimes because they expect people to act as they would, and that is not always the case. 

Dog Chinese Zodiac

Dogs are friendly and loyal by nature. They usually connect with other people very easily and are very empathetic. They are popular and love being surrounded by people and also doing activities outdoors. Dogs’ loyalty will always prevent them from abandoning their loved ones, like their friends, family or partner.

However, even though dogs always seem to be happy, they also suffer inside: sometimes they feel anxiety and lack patience. They don’t like to show it because that doesn’t mean that they will stop helping people around them.  

Pig Chinese Zodiac

The last animal of the Chinese zodiac is the Pig. People who were born in the year of the Pig are very friendly, good-natured, honest and popular and other people love being around them. The Pig is the best friend that one could ever wish for, so consider yourself lucky if you have one by your side.

Pigs love to enjoy the good things in life and they usually treat themselves. It could be said that they are a bit materialistic, but they know they deserve it because they work really hard and this encourages them. Their nature is empathetic and they always show themselves happy. Pigs are also very elegant, and thanks to all their positive qualities they are very attractive to other people.