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Aquarius And Studies: The 5 Best Degrees For This Zodiac Sign

Find out which degrees are better suited for Aquarius.

Aquarius and studies

Attending school was not a very big motivation for Aquarius natives. For this zodiac sign, the school was more of an opportunity to make friends and have fun during recess than to learn. They would rather discover new experiences than focus on studying hard. Aquarius’ studies were not the brightest, but neither were they a disaster.

In their defence, it must be said that they had a special gift for integrating new people into the class, especially if they were different from others. When it comes to Aquarius’ studies, there is a talent to detect opportunities and receive an alternative education, which would help them develop their own personality and talents.

They could be classified as selective students.  Their intellect, which is very active, arouses their interest in several subjects and finds the best tools to devote themselves to their own passions. They enjoy discovering things for themselves, although they do not tend to pay attention to detail.

When it comes to Aquarius’ studies, it can also be noticed that sometimes they miss school, precisely because of that self-taught spirit. They hate wasting time with lessons that seem boring to them. Instead of taking notes word for word, they basically prefer to read them at home photocopied from a classmate and understand the lesson on their own.

The 5 best degrees for Aquarius

Astrology points out that people’s behaviour in class is different as well as their ability to learn certain things. After finding out what kind of student you are when it comes to Aquarius’ studies, you will delve into the best degrees for this zodiac sign, which belongs to the people born between January 21 and February 19.

Computer Systems Engineering

Engineering-linked degrees are a great option for Aquarius. They always think in advance: what they think now will be what others will think in a while.

This gift can be used in careers such as Software Engineering,  because they will be able to get ahead of trends and innovate in research, through their revolutionary, original and, sometimes (why not say it?), also rebellious character.

Performing Arts

The stage is a good study and working environment for this zodiac sign.  The Performing Arts degree fits into the list of suitable degrees for Aquarius due to their taste to provoke opinions and reactions from people.

They have a taste for scandalizing and challenging public opinion, although not everyone expresses it. They hate the conventional and, due to this choice of academic studies, they can also release their remarkable creativity.


Aquarius natives have a great interest in everything, and their taste for self-taught education has already been highlighted. They enjoy comparing data, consulting different sources and finding out how things work, or the basis of a trend or a thought. 

Statistics are, therefore, recommended as a suitable degree for Aquarius, because this will allow them to analyze reality, assess it and predict which paths will be followed. As it was already said, this is a zodiac sign that likes to be one jump ahead of everybody!

Advertising and Public Relations

Aquarius’ social skills allow them to connect very well with the consumer’s mind. They know how to put themselves in somebody else’s shoes, even if the other has a way of being or thinking diametrically opposed to theirs.

Therefore, Advertising and Public Relations becomes one of the degrees that can be considered by Aquarius natives when going to university. 

Social Media Marketing

Closely connected to the aforesaid, the Social Media Marketing degree is the last of the suitable degrees for Aquarius that can be highlighted. To their gift for selling and breaking down that person in front of them (or on the other side of the screen), there should be added their pleasure in moving forward, discovering new things and laying the foundations, in this case, of future channels of communication.