Horóscopo 25 noviembre 2019

Weekly Horoscope for 27 May-2 June

Here you can read the summary for the 12 zodiac signs. Scroll down to find your sign. It starts with Aries and Taurus and finishes with Aquarius and Pisces. To read the complete prediction for any zodiac sign, click on the title of each sign.  May the stars be favorable to you!

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(21st March - 19th April)

A breeze will rush through your life, which will push you closer to your partner. Make sure to do things together and spend time having a blast, while the spark of love alights again!

In terms of finances, you need to take more risks in order to boost your economy, but be conscious of the risks it may bring, so be aware.

Avoid being so hard on yourself, avoid offensive actions and stop protecting yourself so much from others. You need to live more, but don´t overdo it!


(20th April - 20th May)

You’ll be able to communicate without issues, but caution is advised if you see there’s trouble brewing, rather than raising your voice, it would be best if you tried diplomacy.

It will be a great week to find a new job, and you’ll be able to improve your finances by making your dreams become a reality. Keep going, Taurus!

The stars invite you to so some leisure or sports activities with your loved ones this week, and try to rebuild bonds that were damaged.


(21st May - 20th June)

You’re more excited than ever with a person who’s just appeared in your life. After a time of many sentimental disappointments, it seems that now you’ve found someone who adapts to your needs. Your finances are not going through a good time.

This will force you to make important decisions, such as selling a house or jewels of great sentimental value for you. Gemini, you’re always taking on more responsibilities at home and that can take its toll.

You’ll notice how you get distracted more easily and you’re not able to find a solution.


(21st June- 22nd July)

As the month comes to an end, you feel a need for more freedom. Love is important but thinking about expanding your family is something you should think twice about before taking serious measures.

In terms of money, a dark cloud is hovering over you. Try to have fun at work with colleagues to build a better relationship. Avoid fights or you will stress and not focus properly when investing.

People will envy your curves and well-being, as you ignore those who bring negative energies into your life. Be worriless!


(23rd July - 23rd August)

This week you’ll be more sensitive than usual. Blind dates, emotions and different points of view will play the main role. Eroticism will take over you and you won’t be able to believe how lucky you are. Don't ruin it arguing over unimportant matters.

You’ll discover that you have more enemies at work than you thought. You should restructure and reorganize all your professional matters.

Your good mood towards the weekend will help you move forward. Try to sleep better and longer; otherwise all your efforts to improve your health will be useless.


(24th August - 22nd September)

You will try everything and make any sacrifice to make your partner happy. Your partner was there when you needed, you feel like you owe it to them. If you’re single, you’ll meet someone younger, you feel ready for a new relationship now. You’ve been in the same company for too long.

Move in different environments and meet people, you might receive a job offer, maybe from a friend. You don’t want to lend your money, the bad experiences in the past made your learn it’s not a good idea.

Find a moment to sit down and relax with your family.


(23rd September - 22nd October)

Your partner will be an important support for you this week since you’re going to be especially sensitive. Stop acting perfect and assume your emotional wounds to heal them.

Your economy will be stable and you’ll be able to pay off your debts by the midweek. Your personal skills will help you achieve success at work. If you’re self-employed, you’ll be able to expand your business, attract more customers and increase your income.

Your weak spot is your belief that vulnerability is weakness. You have to overcome the fear of showing your true feelings.


(23rd October - 21st November)

You’ll be filled with suspicion, jealousy and insecurities regarding your relationship. But you should trust in your partner’s ability to remain faithful to you.

You’ll need to do a stricter management of your resources, and analyze how far you’ve come with your savings, and whether you need to make some adjustments to your strategy.

Be very careful when doing physical activities, don’t force your bodies to do things that it is not prepared for. Be judicious.


(22nd November - 21st December)

This week you will experience little arguments, but also passion and eroticism, being this type of feelings the protagonist at the end of the week. Your relationship with yourself is going to improve, a deep transformation is taking place.

Your financial life is going to remain stable and the Stars advice patience. Your wish to change jobs is strong, but now it’s not the moment to do it.

You feel physically strong, and also emotionally, start treating yourself with compassion and understanding and you’ll learn to see life differently.


(22nd December - 19th January)

It seems as if you were in a film since you’ll have to rediscover your past that demands the things it doesn’t deserve. Be firm and keep in sight the future in which you don’t have to drag pending issues with you and be done with that problem with dignity.

There’s nothing new ahead if you don’t dare to manage the change that you’ve been waiting for for so long.

You’re generally learning to live in a way that more closely resembles your ideal and that shows in the state of your body.


(20th January - 19th February)

A new week begins and with it, new challenges in the love life of Aquarius. You’ll go through difficult moments in your relationship during the next few days.

You’ll receive some news that will make you worry about your savings. But you’ll be able to fix it towards the end of the week. This should help you to take your decisions regarding your income and expenses into account in the future.

You’re feeling very well physically, except for a headache you’ll experience towards the end of the week. You’ve been accumulating tension.


(20th February - 20th March)

Do not confuse true love with infatuation. True love isn’t easy to find, so think carefully before you throw it out the window for that person you’ve only just met.

Be on the lookout for con artists trying to trick you, if someone is trying to sweet talk you into a deal or offer, look at the fine print carefully, it can say a lot more than you think.

Anxiety and anger have a terrible effect on your health. Learn to manage your frustration.