Your Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope for 20-26 January 2020

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(21st March - 19th April)

As far as your love life is concerned, your talent with words will be your best asset. You'll also enjoy a great time in your relationship, because the demons of jealousy and insecurity will be nowhere to be seen.

Financially, your approach turns your great ideas into money, so you should write them down just to avoid forgetting them in the long run.

Lastly, your physical tone will also be better than other times before, although there could be an injury lurking somewhere in the back of sports or long-term bad postures.

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(20th April - 20th May)

Many of your proposals will be welcomed by your partner and your loved ones and, in an atmosphere of complicity, you’ll be able to express all your feelings.

Generally speaking, Taurus is positioned in the path of prosperity, where they’ll be able to create new professional projects and to make all of your efforts worthwhile.

The ideas you have right now to improve your wellbeing are interesting, but you must double your efforts and carry them out. Writing them down in paper is not enough.

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(21st May - 20th June)

This isn't a good week for the natives of Gemini since many will be experiencing many arguments and conflicts with their partners. The fights are endless and once they start, you won't be able to stop arguing for any unimportant reason.

Towards Friday, the new moon in Aries benefits you by giving you the support you need so much from those around you to start commercial or business projects.

The way you take certain matters will influence the results you see in the coming months. The way you start will be very important.

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(21st June- 22nd July)

If you're in a relationship, you'll enjoy a flair of wellness and stability all around you; and if you're single, send away your self-doubt and shyness before heading into meeting new people.

Your obsession with taking over the world could cloud your vision and make you neglect your duties just to stay on the top, but if you fail to comply with your aspirations, the consequences will be more than obvious.

To boost your health this week, embrace your artsy side and enjoy staying home with a good book or some nice background music.

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(23rd July - 23rd August)

You’ll need your own space and you won’t be eager to share it. Friends will become your main priority, which may lead to arguments with your partner and even break-ups. Single Leos will miss lots of opportunities to find love. Sometimes you’re too naive and you don't realize when someone is flirting with you.

Some of you may also get fired. If you act as if you were superior to others, your bosses won’t like it. Surprises and unexpected events at work will affect you. However, your reaction to them is what will make a big difference. If you manage to see the positive side, everything will be fine.

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(24th August - 22nd September)

This week you will consider the things you don’t like about your relationship, it’s a moment to make some decisions and start thinking about your future. Don’t be afraid of your choices and remember that you own your destiny.

You’ve learned not to take your job-related problems back home when your shift has finished. You have the tools to meet your goals so start taking action carefully.

Your sense of humour can brighten someone else’s day, and yours! Dose your stamina carefully, this can be a very busy week and you’re a dynamic person.

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(23rd September - 22nd October)

Love will triumph over any obstacle. The stars foresee novelties, new projects and a lot of creativity. You’ll make an effort to face your fears and open your heart, which will help you take your relationship to the next level and save it from stagnation.

Regarding your work and career, don’t let your aspirations fade away. There’s always something new you can learn. You could get the necessary qualifications to opt for a better position.

Express your feelings, as neglecting emotions may lead you to frustration and illnesses in the long run.

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(23rd October - 21st November)

It’s a perfect week for those who like poetry, art and romantic films. If you're a creative soul, you have an opportunity to express yourself.

You’ve shown great adaptability in the face of adversity, persevering in trying to improve every day. The great way of creating new professional spaces that some Scorpios have developed will start yielding profit.

Hypersensitivity will be heightened from Thursday. Acknowledging your feelings and showing how your soul vibrates will give you relief and calm.

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(22nd November - 21st December)

This week you will have to organise your schedule, save some time for everyone. By the middle of the week, you will wish to experience new things and you will get closer to your partner. If single, you will have a better experience with the next person you meet.

Your economy will have a rough beginning this week but you find a new approach to your household economy. At work, you will have to find a new methodology.

You’ll feel well but you’ll need to learn how to manage your negative feelings, a therapist could offer you some guidance.

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(22nd December - 19th January)

You won't have a good start to the week when it comes to affection and relationships, Capricorn. You'll feel isolated or unloved. The people you trust most show a certain distance or don't seem to really care about your needs.

Stress is something you're used to dealing with although you prefer to do things calmly, developing the stages of your companies little by little and with awareness.

The natives of Capricorn will be going through a time in which their health is great, they're feeling very energetic and they feel they can only improve.

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(20th January - 19th February)

Your prediction this week for love foresees that you'll start the week experiencing some circumstances that will completely escape your control. This will be due to Karma adjustments. You have to go through these experiences to be more mature.

Regarding your finances, the prediction for this week speaks of prosperity. You're likely to invest in real estate or other businesses that increase your assets. The future is quite promising.

Regarding your health Aquarius, the horoscope's prediction foresees that you'll be focused on taking care of your habits. In this sense, you shouldn't get carried away.

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(20th February - 20th March)

If you're single and getting to know someone, you should be careful with you (slight) arrogance, as it can drive the person you like away.

Reel in your fear of failure, you have huge potential, Pisces! Don’t waste it for fear of stepping out of your comfort zone.

Tiredness and fatigue will be recurrent, and to placate them you’ll need some extra vitamin B12. Some of the foods you can eat to get it are eggs, asparagus, broccoli, spinach and lean meats.

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