Horóscopo 25 noviembre 2019

Weekly Horoscope for 17-23 June

Here you can read the summary for the 12 zodiac signs. Scroll down to find your sign. It starts with Aries and Taurus and finishes with Aquarius and Pisces. To read the complete prediction for any zodiac sign, click on the title of each sign.  May the stars be favorable to you!

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(21st March - 19th April)

It seems that relationship life is running smoothly, but maybe this is because you aren’t expressing your true feelings to your partner. Open up and tell them how you feel.

Stop overspending as a serious inconvenience will be coming your way, and you may need to di pinto your savings. Luck isn’t for those you seek it, but for those you don’t expect it.

Don’t let laziness get the best of you! Look after yourself; treat yourself to pampering. Tone down your lifestyle and relax more.

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(20th April - 20th May)

There’s a planetary energy cocktail that will turn your love life upside down Taurus! But this won’t be the week to fall in love for those who are single, at least not yet.

Most of the days of this week will be very positive for work, you’ll carry out many projects and you’ll be pleased with your efficiency. But be moderate! You’ll probably have to lower the intensity of your workouts.

Remember that muscles consume a lot more oxygen when you’re doing high intensity training.

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(21st May - 20th June)

This will be a very passionate week, where you’ll do everything you can to win the heart of your partner back. Although they are by your side every day, you feel the need to fall in love every day.

You can relax in terms of your finances since all the money you’ve been saving during the last few weeks is safe. And no matter how much the vultures fly over your head, they won’t be able to take advantage of your savings.

Your health this week won’t be all bad.

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(21st June- 22nd July)

It seems that your relationship has its difficulties, spinning in circles like a tornado. If you feel pain, make sure to tell your partner or it will never go away. Life is too short to plan everything.

Live the moment and make unpredictable decisions! It seems that at work, there may be some problems, but you know what you are doing and how to find the best solutions! Be proud of yourself!

Also, remember to tone it down and relax your mind or you will overdo it. Maybe start with a healthy detox to cleanse your internal organs.

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(23rd July - 23rd August)

Your mixed feelings will be very confusing. You’ll find yourself looking at someone else with the eyes of love. It could be a workmate or a neighbor. Soon you’ll realize it’s not love. Boredom, lack of communication with your partner or a desire to seduce may be some of the reasons you fancy that person.

When it comes to work, changes may be frightening but necessary to set yourself free.

If you’re looking for a job, focus on people you come across, one of them could help you find your ideal job.

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(24th August - 22nd September)

You feel a lot of illusion in your new relationship. You’ve even thought about changing some things in your life in order to be closer to that person. You feel you’ve found your soul mate. If you already have a partner, you must be more honest with them.

You will have to meet people’s expectations in your new job. When changing jobs you want to find a balance between personal life and professional life, money is not your top priority.

It’s a good day for games of chance. You feel very cheerful and you could break your routine to try new things.

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(23rd September - 22nd October)

Your relationship will go through an important test: routine. All you have to do is learn to value the small things in life. Singles won't find the love of their lives this week. Your loved ones will play the main role in your life at this moment.

It’s not a good time to invest, undertake business or close agreements or negotiations. At work you’ll have to be patient since your efforts won’t be rewarded for now.

When it comes to your emotions, you have a challenge of not letting negative thoughts take over you.

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(23rd October - 21st November)

Have you had problems with your spouse? Don’t be alarmed; if you want to repair your relationship, this week will be filled with opportunities to take the first steps.

Your power of seduction will work great in the area of business, and you’ll be able to sell anything. But the situation will deteriorate rapidly if you push your luck too much.

You’ll know how to make the most of any positive circumstances which arise in your daily life.

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(22nd November - 21st December)

The Cosmos will grant you a positive week in terms of love. You will see the importance of taking care of your relationship so you’ll watch the little details and moments of intimacy. If single, more than one person will show interest in starting a relationship with you.

It will be a good week to reach financial agreements. You will overcome obstacles you will find at work and your worth will be appreciated.

Avoid excesses in your diet this week, even if your body is answering positively. This week will be emotionally confusing, you won’t be able to think clearly so you’ll want to follow a spiritual path.

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(22nd December - 19th January)

Everything you’ve dreamed of regarding your love life is about to be as you imagined it. This year, many of the situations that you’ve experienced have changed you.

You are a winner in the business world, you know when you have to take a step forward in your career and that’s why you’re supported by the stars to excel in what you do and be the best of your group.

You’re in a process of leaving behind habits that are harmful to your health. It’s very easy to stop if you really want to.

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(20th January - 19th February)

It’ll be a very intense and interesting week in love for the natives of Aquarius. You’re on a roll, so it’s very likely that you announce engagements and decide on dates to get married, celebrate baptisms and formalise relationships.

Your finances will be generally good this week, except for some setbacks towards the last days of the week. However, you can solve them without major problems. You’ll even be able to invest in new projects.

On a physical level you feel in very good shape, so much so, that you can make other mistakes.

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(20th February - 20th March)

You’ll start a new chapter in your love life. Love is something you’re good at due to your faithful and loving nature. You’re an expert at understanding human behaviour.

There’s lots of news at work. You might get some money that will tempt you to start a new enterprise since you really like the idea of being self-employed.

Anxiety combined with the sensitivity that characterizes you will make you prone to psychosomatic ailments. Protect your energy with a white quartz gemstone.

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