Horóscopo 25 noviembre 2019

Horoscope for June 9

Here you can read the summary for the 12 zodiac signs. Scroll down to find your sign. It starts with Aries and Taurus and finishes with Aquarius and Pisces. To read the complete prediction for any zodiac sign, click on the title of each sign.  May the stars be favorable to you!

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(21st March - 19th April)

Your relationship seems stronger than ever, so now it is time to try new things related to passion. Those single have become the seductive masters but need to be aware who they seduce.

Cheap doesn’t always mean efficient. Don’t trust family with your finances and contact a professional to lend you a hand. It may be more expensive but will reduce your stress levels.

You need to learn to be more patient and relax more. Life isn’t always a drama, so life the moment, day by day, and enjoy life.

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(20th April - 20th May)

This will be a healing day for your relationship. Smiles and hugs will heal any wounds. Venus’s support will help you achieve the peace and happiness you deserve.

You have to evolve and grow professionally but jealousy might manifest in your colleagues if you move forward faster than others, but don’t let it bother you.

There’ll be household chores where you’ll have to move a lot. Do you have to paint your house, or perhaps shuffle furniture around?

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(21st May - 20th June)

Gemini, you have to share your partner’s decisions in the most complicated situations, since in a relationship you can’t have one of the two taking the initiative all the time and the other waiting to see what happens.

Don’t get attached to jobs you don’t like. Your finances allow you to start studying again. You’ll succeed in any course you enrol for. This will allow you to improve your career a lot.

Look after your skin more than ever, especially if you’re going to spend a lot of time outdoors.

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(21st June- 22nd July)

Those married will have a strong bond with their partner, as love surrounds you both. Those single will have attractive personalities and others will come knocking on their door for love.

Don’t waste your day off worying about work. Switch your phone off and enjoy your day. Don’t be jealous of others as fake appearances are everywhere.

In terms of health, try to move forward rather than taking two steps back. Honesty will help you find the right path so that you focus on the good side of life.

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(23rd July - 23rd August)

Your presence is similar to a tornado: the center of energy that shakes everything it touches. Leave your anger and rage behind and connect with the love you feel deep inside you.

A close family member will ask you for help regarding financial matters. Don’t turn your back on them since you wouldn’t want this to happen if you were in their shoes.

Lending a hand will fill your soul with joy and helping others will help you. Don’t neglect your diet. Food intolerance can lead to fluid retention, joint pain and poor digestion among other disorders.

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(24th August - 22nd September)

If you’re single today you will see the person you’ve always been looking for. If you’re already in a relationship you will be jealous when you see your partner chatting with someone else.

You will find money somewhere unexpected. When you bills arrive make sure you’re not paying extra. Don’t let your workmates tease you in front of your bosses.

Keep active by moving a bit every day, you spend too much time sitting. Don’t forget your appointment with the dentist and do everything you’re recommended in order to have healthy teeth.

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(23rd September - 22nd October)

Passion will take over you and help you strengthen the bond with your partner. If you have children, you’ll have lots of fun with them and learn to appreciate these little moments. If you’ve just started a relationship and your heart is telling you that it’s going to last, give in to love and enjoy yourself.

Regarding work, soon you’ll prove yourself and even embark on a new project that will bring you many benefits.

Accept ups and downs as a part of your transformation. Every mistake is a lesson you’ve learned. Stop looking back and start moving on!

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(23rd October - 21st November)

Cupid will be on your side, and he will help you accomplish any conquests you decide to attempt. But you shouldn’t take it as a game of adding notches under your belt.

Certain things are better kept to yourself, especially if your profession involves confidentiality. Someone might try to uncover information just to hurt you professionally.

If you decide to change your diet and work out, always do so through professional advice, don’t even think about doing the first diet you come across online.

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(22nd November - 21st December)

Embrace love and it might become a constant in your life, every detail counts so don’t get distracted. Listen to your loved ones, show them your feelings. It’s a moment of introspection, you will learn and understand your situation if you try to find the answers inside of you.

You will feel inspired to carry on with your goals, your vocation can’t wait anymore, be constant, follow your instincts and flow with life. Surround yourself with nature, it’s what you need now.

Understand that you have the right to feel all the emotions, but don’t obsess over any of them, learn to observe and then let go.

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(22nd December - 19th January)

You have been so focused on your professional tasks and if you persist in this attitude of neglect towards your relationships you’ll suffer their deterioration.

You’ll have a problem with your car or an appliance might break down and that will shake the balance of your finances. The costs of this problem can’t be ignored and you weren’t expecting it.

Try not to let yourself be tempted to solve your health problems by taking any pill that friends or relatives recommend. Medicine doesn’t work that way and you could put your health at a higher risk.

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(20th January - 19th February)

Your attitude towards love is more serious, because you understand that not everything is games and having fun. Today you’ll show you’re at the service of your loved one, making communication and the exchange of affection and tenderness easier.

Financial matters are favoured and encouraged by the presence of Saturn in sextile with Neptune during this period in June. This will help those who work in solidarity environments finalise very important projects.

You’re ready to take control of your health. Take the leap and leave everything that hurts you behind.

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(20th February - 20th March)

Don’t cry over the loss of what you no longer want. Get rid of that which is no longer useful. You’ve changed, you have other priorities, listen to them to them to evolve.

Tidy up your desk and your documents. Having a mess causes is a waste of time, make the most of the planetary alignments which favour discipline and cleanliness.

Go for a walk to bring relief to some discomforts you’ve been feeling lately. You can also try a foot bath with medicinal herbs.

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