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Horoscope for November 22

Prediction for November 22

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(21st March - 19th April)

Get ready to enjoy whatever life has to offer, and to handle the unexpected twists and turns of life with masterful skills. If you're single, let the flow of love take its natural course.

You're wrong to think that there's a lack of passion and excitement in your professional and currently risk-free life. This Friday, your main expenses will revolve around your home, so it's time to open up and say what you've got in mind.

Health-wise, you should come to terms with the idea that today will be a despairing day.


(20th April - 20th May)

For those who are married or in a relationship, the sky provides pleasant relationships, based most of all on faithfulness and the free exchange of opinions.

Your most conservative side comes out in your finances. You like safety and no one will be able to make you take unnecessary risks. It’s a shame you don’t practice what you preach!

Own your mistakes, fix them and get to the root of what’s going wrong in your life, and what you must change once and for all.


(21st May - 20th June)

The loving influence of the moon in a good aspect to the energy of your sign stands out today, Gemini. You'll feel a lot of willpower to achieve your goals of the day regarding work. Today you'll be happy to share your space with your team mates.

You'll want to show your skills off with joy and teach what you know to others who aren't ahead like you.

If you feel irritable or restless, it might be because your nervous system is being stimulated by planetary alignments. Don't forget to relax your shoulders and jaw, Gemini.


(21st June- 22nd July)

There's room for creativity as far as plan-making with your partner is concerned, and they will appreciate whatever effort you make in thinking about something fun to do together.

You'll defend your position until the last stand and won't take criticism lightly, but rejoice in the fact that your personal finances won't be so harsh. However, that doesn't mean you can suck from other people's savings to keep yours untouched.

Finally, be a little more selfish as far as your wellness is concerned and make yourself a real priority.


(23rd July - 23rd August)

The entrance of the Sun in Sagittarius that will take place today will positively influence your zone of economic well-being and self-esteem. You’ll try to make everyone around you have fun becoming the life and soul of the party.

Any financial movement or investment you make today will bring you big profits. You may get a pay rise, recover money you’ve lent or find a note on the street

. If you want to start your own business, the starts will lend you a hand, so it’s a good moment to present your business model to the banks or investors.


(24th August - 22nd September)

Love is running through your veins today and every interaction with people will be successful. Be careful if you’re in a relationship, you don’t want to push the situation with a third person or you could make your partner jealous.

It will be a very positive day for business and at work too, you’re very close to improving your situation, maybe with a promotion! But Mercury retrograde could make you think differently.

Your physical appearance is fantastic, Virgo. Remember that any effort regarding your health and your body will be worth it and eventually enjoyed.


(23rd September - 22nd October)

Those of you who have suffered due to heart matters will finally be able to enjoy a healthy relationship. Single Libras will be more attractive than ever and have more than one suitor at their feet.

In terms of work, a new way of organizing your agenda and adjusting it to your personal life will lead you to emotional stability. It’ll also help you make better decisions.

You’ll shine your own light; therefore, all you have to worry about is celebrating life and relaxing in the company of your loved ones.


(23rd October - 21st November)

You can make the most of the astral influx to lead your relationship down a new and better path where you can both feel comfortable and find new cohabitation rules.

It’s a good day to request a raise or to complain about unfair payment situations. If you’re owed some money, it’s a good day to ask for it back.

When Mars visits your sign, it brings you lots of energy, and you’ll have a few days to make beneficial changes for you.


(22nd November - 21st December)

You need to take things easy today, you don’t want any misunderstanding with your loved ones so don’t be so impulsive. If single, you will have the chance of meeting someone new and making a new friend.

You will have to spend some money but as long as you’re careful during the following days nothing will alter your perennial abundance.

At work, don’t let those who act out of jealousy affect your work, stick to those you can trust and find their support and stay away from toxic people in general.


(22nd December - 19th January)

Your bad mood will be constant this Friday. You may have to realise that you're being unpleasant and that makes others react badly.

It'll be very difficult for you to find a balance between what you know is right and your reactions. Capricorn, your tendency to be polite and impeccable in your public life favours you today. You'll be showing your best face and attitude towards bosses or clients.

There's an astral predisposition to problems with your airways. You may be exposed to allergenic agents and suffer from allergic rhinitis or nasal discomfort.


(20th January - 19th February)

The prediction for Friday regarding love for the natives of Aquarius predicts a day where the deepest feelings will have to be communicated. Those who are in relationships should communicate with their loved ones.

Regarding your finances, some training will be very useful to make changes in the way you manage your money. You're at a time where your goal is financial growth, both your own and your family's.

Today's prediction regarding the health of Aquarius warns of the need to control drastic changes regarding your food. You'll be focused on determining which foods are good.


(20th February - 20th March)

Love will come to you from abroad. It will be a thrilling adventure and travelling and video calls will become a part of your daily life.

If you’ve always wanted to live abroad, it’s time to get the ball rolling and start doing some research. Find out the house prices, start looking for a job there, etc.

Be careful with foods that have a high sugar content (especially if it’s refined sugar), today the moon will affect health matters linked to insulin and glucagon.