Horóscopo 25 noviembre 2019

Horoscope for May 22

Here you can read the summary for the 12 zodiac signs. Scroll down to find your sign. It starts with Aries and Taurus and finishes with Aquarius and Pisces. To read the complete prediction for any zodiac sign, click on the title of each sign.  May the stars be favorable to you!

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(21st March - 19th April)

The first thing you think when you wake up is that your relationship has gone downhill and there is no way out. Try and find a solution before throwing it all away, as talking is a good remedy. Boost the spark again!

At work, you need to speak up more and express your opinions before they eat you alive. Keep distances from colleagues. What happens at work stays at work!

If you are hungry, snack of healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables. Don’t waste time crying over spilt milk and face the music.

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(20th April - 20th May)

No one has the right to judge you because of your previous relationships. Don’t waste your energy trying to justify your past. No one can change the past.

Is there someone around you who seems to be moving a lot of cash? Ask around and you’ll probably uncover some shady business, careful not to get involved in it.

You could really do with a nice massage today, but don’t trust amateurs, look for a certified professional masseuse near you.

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(21st May - 20th June)

The bad position of the planets will cause you to behave very strange today, where everything your partner makes you feel annoyed at them.

From time to time, it’s good to do a thorough cleaning of your storage room and get rid of everything that’s no longer useful. Why don’t you sell the skates, the skis and those books that you keep so fondly?

Try to store the food you buy in the supermarket properly, especially when dealing with fresh products such as meat and fish, because when you want to cook, they may not look their best.

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(21st June- 22nd July)

You feel constant butterflies in your stomach that never end. This is a good sign that your love life is flowing marvelously and the spark is alight. In terms of family, inheritance issues may cause conflicts.

Mercury is bringing a special promotion towards you, as you work hard and devote yourself constantly to your job. You should be proud of what you have accomplished!

Take a deep breath, and take a step back. A walk in the mountains will go a long way, away from routines. Switch your phone off and take in the fresh air!

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(23rd July - 23rd August)

If someone by your side is mistreating you, it’s time to set clear limits. Someone in your family may challenge your authority today. Don’t act aggressively; otherwise, you’ll damage your relationships.

It’s a good time to search for a new path when it comes to your personal fulfillment. Save some money since astrological movements show a difficult economic situation in the near future.

You could suffer from lumbar pain today. Having a massage, attending Pilates or yoga classes could help. Don’t mask your symptoms with painkillers.

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(24th August - 22nd September)

You are very happy with your new partner, but you must bear in mind that this person isn’t looking for a stable relationship, for now you’re just having fun together, those around you might be trying to warn you. If you have a formal relationship, you will spend a calm day together.

Make others see your worth at work, call your bosses’ attention. Careful with online purchases, you should learn to control your expenses before you can’t do anything about it.

Watch your nutrition, you don’t need a restrictive diet, but try to eat mindfully and make better choices.

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(23rd September - 22nd October)

Remember that it’s necessary to give love some space so it can flow freely. You’ll have to accept that you need to change old patterns of behavior. Although you’re tempted to run away and leave urgent decisions up to fate, don’t do it.

This way you’ll learn take responsibility for your own life. Each obstacle can teach you an important lesson. You’ll feel emotionally drained.

Instead of taking a pill, try to spend some time alone enjoying your solitude. If you feel that you’re unable to handle your emotions, seek expert advice.

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(23rd October - 21st November)

There’s issues at home you’d been avoiding or didn’t know about before. Look for your partner’s support so you can find a way to face these issues together.

People haven’t been playing by the rules at work, and you’ll find serious irregularities which you won’t know if you should report or not. Best thing will be to look the other way.

Did you know that a wax plug in your ear can cause issues such as headaches, as well as loss of hearing?

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(22nd November - 21st December)

Surprise your loved one! This will totally improve your love relationship. If you are single you could also prepare a surprise for the person you like, this is how you touch their heart. All your fears in the area of love have been left behind.

You need to organize your work and your personal agenda, don’t let your work-related worries finish your energy levels. You can use your time to focus on your emotions.

Stop judging others or yourself and find the peace and support you need. Avoiding conflictive situations will help you grow.

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(22nd December - 19th January)

The moon in your sign inclines you to feel emotions more intensely and even to show a childish behaviour. Don’t react without thinking. If there’s any doubt, it’s better to keep silent and wait for more information.

Favourable news arrives regarding a legal or court situation. If you’re one of the natives who were waiting for the resolution of a trial or sentence, the answers that you expected are coming.

Many of the natives of your sign tend to suffer from leg problems either because of issues related to your skeletal and joint system or because of varicose veins.

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(20th January - 19th February)

Today you’ve tensed the rope more than you should Aquarius, don’t push your luck, because the people who love you don’t have infinite patience. Give up that feeling of being a misunderstood victim and take control of your feelings.

Financially you’re still in a fairly balanced moment, since this is the only facet of your life that gives you security.

Today you’re feeling tired more than on other days, so it would be convenient for you to go to bed early. A cup of relaxing tea will help you fall asleep and rest.

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(20th February - 20th March)

You’ve been feeling animosity coming from someone around you, and your intuition is not wrong. The fall will be hard, but the best thing is to focus on your own wellbeing.

Today you might stumble onto the opportunity of learning a new trade. It would be a great chance to lay the foundations for a new chapter in your professional life.

If you suffer from digestive problems, today will be rough. Try some kefir or other fermented foods to help you feel better. 

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