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Horoscope for November 21

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(21st March - 19th April)

Don't get overwhelmed about having to divide your attention between love, family and work, because your wits will keep you alive in battle. Make your life's ride worth it. Any comment that comes your way will seem like a direct attack towards you, even if it's well-meant.

Also, talk to your banker to find out whether you're financially ready to make serious investments, like buying a holiday pack or making changes around your home.

Finally, you'll learn to love yourself and stop obsessing about those body parts of yours that are less than perfect.


(20th April - 20th May)

Are you single? Then take the chance to knock on the door of the person you like and tell them that you want to share your life with them.

Many will face a hiccup at work which will leave little room for leisure and free time, but you’ll solve any problems; you’ll even take some pleasure in solving them.

You’ll want to spend your free time gardening; you’ll try to adorn your home with plants and flowers, which will also help you purify the air.


(21st May - 20th June)

When you wake up, you might feel paralysed by your fear of tomorrow. You have a lot on your mind and instead of relaxing and feeling what life brings to gratify your heart and fill your emotional needs, you waste your energy by mentally organising your home and the issues regarding your day-to-day love life.

Many concerns regarding your finances at the moment are founded and you've created others from thinking so much.

Don't neglect your body and drink plenty of water, at least two litres a day will help you feel good.


(21st June- 22nd July)

Control your mood swings towards your partner, and stop ignoring the warning signs that your loved ones are trying to get across to you about reality. The sooner you face hard life issues, the better.

At work, you'll have to prove what you're truly made of, and avoid throwing in the towel too soon. Also, check all your pockets if you want to discover a nice surprise in one of them.

Health-wise, you're slowly starting to realise that years go by for a reason, and that your skills could indeed fade one day.


(23rd July - 23rd August)

The communication with your partner will be smooth and fluid. Take advantage of it and go away for a couple of days together. Book a hotel room with a Jacuzzi and unleash your passion. Single Leos will be looking for someone to talk to and have a good time in bed. However, serious relationship isn’t an option for you right now.

Talk to your partner about your combined expenses. Work out how much each of you spends and make some readjustments if necessary.

At work, your suggestion to invest in a new product will be very successful.


(24th August - 22nd September)

You can dream big today, Virgo. As long as you and your partner share interests, you can make any fantasy come true. If single, you will meet someone interesting but something negative will make you push this person away from you.

Your active imagination will benefit many areas of your life, including your work. Use your creativity, listen to every idea you have and don’t forget to write it down.

It’s alright to fall into temptation sometimes and it prevents us from binge eating, just remember to go back to normal the following day.


(23rd September - 22nd October)

Libras in a relationship will realize that their rigid attitude leads them to problems. You’ll have to make some changes on a personal level in order to improve your relationship. Single Libras will have to decide whether they want to live a carefree, self-centered life, or start a relationship.

As far as work is concerned, you have too many pending matters; try to prioritize and order your objectives.

Look for a method that would help you progress in a neat and efficient way; otherwise, your professional life will be chaos.


(23rd October - 21st November)

Today you’ll discover that much of your suffering stems from your difficult and defensive attitude. It’s time to make room for better communication with your beloved. The way you’ve been communicating thus far isn’t entirely transparent.

It will be a very positive day for material matters. Many errands, paperwork or signing of contracts or deeds that were frozen will start showing signs of progress.

You have good astral aspects for your health and you can achieve wellbeing if you use the energy in your favour.


(22nd November - 21st December)

You will be very charming today. You will get closer to your children and they will respond very positively. If single, remember to start focusing on others and not on yourself.

Unexpected expenses won’t affect your strong economy. Don’t forget about your dreams, you can’t miss more opportunities, but always know how to balance your work life and your personal life, especially if you’re already working on what you love.

You will have a very strong health, you can even heal from your illness, if you’re suffering from one. Acknowledge your emotional strength but don’t forget to be kind too.


(22nd December - 19th January)

The position of the stars shows a moment of closing of conflicts that will be very pleasant for the natives of Capricorn. You won't forget the conversations you have with your partner today.

If you felt you didn't have enough resources, today you'll see that you have much more than you thought. You have made enough progress to see that a good predisposition towards work and your willingness to direct your energy in the same direction lead you to sustained growth.

Today, the confidence you feel in life improves your health in all aspects.


(20th January - 19th February)

Aquarius, your prediction for love today recommends you to focus on your partner and spend as much time as possible taking care of your relationship. Those who don't have a partner can take care of themselves and the idea they have about love.

The prediction regarding your finances today is positive. The only thing you could worry about is paying for some repairs at home. It isn't a huge amount of money, but you weren't counting on it.

Those who are sick may take a little longer than expected to heal, but the process is under way.


(20th February - 20th March)

You need a couple of days to be completely disconnected from everything and everyone and to embrace the changes in your life.

You need to change your laptop, you can restore factory settings as much as you like but it’s still very slow, you’ll need some extra money.

Your mind is about to explode and you feel you need to go somewhere far away to scream and get it off your chest. You could do that, or you could go to your local gym.