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The Daily Horoscope for August 20th, 2022

The Daily Horoscope for Saturday, August 20th, according to your Zodiac on Love, Work, Money and Health


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(March 21st - April 19th)

Aries, avoid getting stuck today. When it comes to relationships, make progress, even if it's just one step at a time. Project the energy of love going forward. Talk through the language of connections and hope.

When it comes to fortune, the Stars offer a welcoming attitude. Your attraction factor will bring your wishes closer to you.

Professionally speaking, you're not one to settle. You need to keep moving towards your best self. Congratulations, Aries.

Today you should honor your body through full awareness of your diet. Be thankful to the universe for every mouthful.

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(April 20th - May 20th)

Taurus, today you'll have high relationship vibrations. They will improve if you choose to get rid of prejudice once and for all. You don't have to share other people's ideas to the fullest to get along.

Financially speaking, you could be interested in purchasing a second estate. If you can afford it, take the leap.

At work, you'll make the most of your performance if you boost your focus. It'll do you wonders to polish your act a little bit.

In order to stay healthy, all you need is to look in the mirror. You'll feel so attractive that you'll earn a boost of self-confidence.

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(May 21st - June 20th)

Gemini, someone special could come back into your life. Are you ready to forgive?

The Stars will guide you towards fortune today. A sum of money you weren't counting on will manifest out of the blue. Trust this cosmic impulse, and make a smart investment. Prosperity is a moving flow of energy.

Professionally speaking, the setting of Mercury over Gemini boosts dynamic action. Take over rational thinking. Watch out for extremely passionate speeches.

Today, you feel at peace with the world around you. Enjoy your emotional well-being.

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(June 21st - July 22nd)

Cancer, relationships with others will be constructive and positive. If you've got a partner, you'll get involved with one another like never before.

As far as money goes, today could be a great day on Earth; you'll feel happy and calm, and ambitious as well.

Cancer, this will be an extremely lucky day at work: success will reach you without having to make great efforts.

In terms of health, you'll see you have reached a fantastic sense of balance between what you eat and how much exercise you do.

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(July 23rd - August 22nd)

Leo, when it comes to your feelings, the stars announce that today is a perfect day to organize a get-together with your friends.

As far as your economy is concerned, today you'll realize that you don't need to splash out in order to have a good time. Being aware that you can have fun without spending a lot of money will be a relief and a learning experience.

In terms of work, today is a day to break away. Don't dwell on your job, it really isn't necessary.

As for your health, you'll be eager to socialize and move around. It'll be a very active day.

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(August 23rd - September 22nd)

The stars are on your side when it comes to friendship, Virgo. Sometimes you have to give your loved ones a wake-up call. If they’re not doing the right thing, we should point it out to them honestly.

Financially, you could be in for a big disappointment. You won’t receive that long awaited extra income you were counting on.

At work, you have a very stressful day ahead of you. Try to look on the bright side: you’ll make great profits.

To stay healthy, avoid drinking alcohol today.

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(September 23rd - October 22nd)

Libra, today you could have a complicated day. Living together with your partner is starting to take its toll on you. You may have the feeling that he/she isn't involved enough. Talk to them. 

Selling what you don't need or use on the internet is a good way to earn money and save some. 

You'll go on a business trip that will help you continue to grow as a professional. In addition, you'll realize that your superiors have a lot of confidence in you by sending you as a representative.

Read the directions on the package inserts carefully before taking any medication. It's important to be sure of any side effects. 

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(October 23rd - November 21st)

Scorpio, this will be a day when emotions and intellect will be in perfect balance. The battle between brain and heart will be even.

Take advantage of your contacts with some people to ask for some much needed money. You'll be able to pay it back soon.

You'll have plenty of creativity, so this will be the time to make some important decisions in the professional field.

Your tobacco smoke bothers more and more people. You should start thinking about quitting. Obviously, this would be better for your own health as well.

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Sagittarius Logo


(November 22nd - December 21st)

Sagittarius, the stars advise you not to take into account a possible rude behaviour from a loved one. They could be going through a bad time, and if they make a fuss, it won't be personal. Be patient and stay by their side.

Today you could have an extra expense. It could be due to some kind of social commitment.

As far as work is concerned, remember that being productive is not only a matter of working many hours. Organizing your tasks well is also very important. 

Regarding your health, don’t forget that you need fun and relaxation. Go for it!

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Capricorn Logo


(December 22nd - January 19th)

Capricorn, don’t be so demanding of others. Build your bonds from love and individual freedom. 

Mental rigidity is oppressing your ideas. Today, you should allow thoughts to fly freely and they’ll bring you inspiration from the Universe.

At work, self-demand becomes your worst enemy. Relax, Capricorn. You’re not responsible for saving the world. Connect with the joy of life.

Today your emotional well-being cries out for a break. When will you take a holiday?

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Aquarius Logo


(January 20th - February 18th)

Aquarius, in love it'll be time to review your relationships and make some decisions concerning them. 

Regarding your economy, this Saturday is perfect to encourage meditation and reflection in the face of your excessive desire to buy. You can learn to control your impulse shopping.

At work, your sense of independence is what could be causing you problems. You should think about this in a calm manner.

If you're on a spiritual path, reading a book or examining the meaning of your dreams could give you some interesting clues.

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Pisces Logo


(February 19th - March 20th)

Today's Pisces Horoscope reveals you'll receive a great gift. Your partner will go out of their way to surprise you with a very special treat; you're very lucky they think so much of you!

On a financial level, you should invest a good amount of money in a quality gift for a certain person. You know they deserve it.

At work, try not to make a big deal out of things, even if the situation gets complicated from time to time. There is no need to overdo it.

To stay healthy, you should pay special attention to your dreams. They could send you incredibly meaningful messages.

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