Horóscopo 25 noviembre 2019

Horoscope for October 19

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(21st March - 19th April)

Don't lose hope if you can't share your side of the story in an argument, and if you're in a relationship, get ready to sigh hard as your partner's feelings become lukewarm.

Even if you're respected at work, don't use that as an excuse to make up for serious mistakes. Also, choose whether you should stay at your current job or aim somewhere new.

As far as health is concerned, you'll feel great about working with people in need. You've got a special charm when it comes to that.


(20th April - 20th May)

If you’re single, you could go beyond your horizon in your quest to find love. You’re moved by big romantic promises, someone who lives far away has caught your eye.

Your spirit allows you to propose innovative and novel projects destined to improve your family life, with trust and solidarity, something very important in the current times.

Things aren’t going fast enough for your liking; you want instant results with your new medical treatment, workout routine or new diet.


(21st May - 20th June)

You’ll receive a special gift from the person you’re in love with and who makes your heart beat fast. Nothing makes you happier than these surprises Gemini. You’ll have to deal with your tendency to disorder for part of the day Gemini.

You’ve been postponing cleaning your desk and when you lose important stationery, you punish yourself and get angry with yourself. The stars encourage you to end this today.

You feel in top form today. You start the day with a lot of energy and desire to do thousands of things.


(21st June- 22nd July)

You're convinced that you could give anyone a dose of your love, but come to think of it, you give yourself a bit too much of it. Be supportive when your partner needs you.

Overcome some of your self-imposed fears to keep succeeding at selling your ideas, and make sure your friends are financially smart if you want to keep saving money.

Keep moving forward when a wave of confidence washes over you, and don't worry too much about that mouth pain you're experiencing. It's usual when you're aiming for that perfect smile.


(23rd July - 23rd August)

Help your partner to talk his/her problems over. Make sure they know you’re there to support them whenever they need it. If you’re single, you’re very likely to end up sending your ex a message after a couple of drinks.

Remember that sequels are never any good and ask your friend to keep your phone until the party’s over. You like to be in fashion and always want to buy the latest cell phone model. Make sure you can afford it first.

Don’t waste money on rounds of beers for everyone in the bar. A minute of fame isn’t worth it.


(24th August - 22nd September)

Take advantage of this power of seduction you have focus on the good things and forget about the little problems in life, use your good energy to give love. If single, share your feelings or you will never know if they’re corresponded.

You’re maturing when it comes to finances management. Plan the expenses you are going to have soon and start saving before you’re caught by surprise. You need to be clear at work or you could cause some misunderstanding.

You need to control your hunger, Virgo. You will find support for your health issues once you meet similar people from whom you won’t need to hide.


(23rd September - 22nd October)

If you stop judging yourself, you’ll be able to transform everything that prevents you from going forward. Keep calm and prepare for prosperity; the future holds something special for you.

Regarding love, you’ll be attracted to someone you know is not the right person for you. Time will help you find the right path; don’t make any drastic decisions.

Those in a relationship will have to look for answers deep inside themselves in order to find out why things aren’t working out as they have expected.


(23rd October - 21st November)

The younger Scorpios will find shelter and sensibility in the advice of an older person who loves you and who will teach you some very important concepts. Uranus brings certain conflicts to the stability of Scorpio.

You were counting on not spending some money, but it will flow out of your hands like water.

You’re in good health and for this reason, it’s an excellent time to carry out all things related to prevention. You can start a detox diet based on juicing.


(22nd November - 21st December)

Don’t spoil all the good things you’ve created, you need some confidence and you could find a person to love. If you’re in a relationship, doubts and fear could take their toll on the beautiful moment you were living.

Be careful if you wish to invest, don’t do anything unless it’s clear. You need to get your creativity back but don’t lean on others to carry out your projects this time, you will succeed on your own.

Emotions are temporary, don’t let a feeling define you. Spend more time with people you trust.


(22nd December - 19th January)

You can start to experience a stage of life in which love is full and motivates your personal growth Capricorn. A different way of interacting with your partner will show clear signs of success.

You go through a time that shows new beginnings and therefore you have a dynamic and optimistic mental energy. You can imagine the way you want all your dreams to come true today.

You feel very good and your health is good. This Saturday the only drawback comes from a tendency to eat too much processed food.


(20th January - 19th February)

Aquarius, your horoscope today predicts that love won’t be fully present. You may be feeling somewhat dissatisfied with your life in general, or you may wonder whether or not you’re with the right person.

Regarding your finances, today’s horoscope predicts that Aquarius will have to spend some money on electronic devices, perhaps a mobile device or a computer. In any case, you should check that these devices come with some guarantees.

As for your health, today’s prediction brings news regarding an undiagnosed disease. You’ll find out through medical and blood tests. Your medical condition is detected and remedied.


(20th February - 20th March)

The time has come: you want to have children. You’ve been thinking about it for a while but you don’t know how to mention it to your partner.

Today is a great day to buy some plants to energize and cheer up your home. Remember to add basil to your list, as it’s the magic plant which attracts money.

Your eyesight isn’t great lately. This is due to the glare from all the screens you look at throughout the day: laptop, mobile phone, tablet…